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     Welcome to my  home page.  My husband and I have 3 cats and 2dogs. They are our spoiled rotten "kids".  I love all animals and believe "Animals have feeling, too!".  

    If you love animals, visit  my Photo Album page where  you can see photos of all our kids.  The Photo Album has links to all the kids' personal web pages or you can bypass the Photo Album and go straight to any particular web page by clicking on the name below. I also have a Family Photos web page that has photos of our kids together. My Favorite Web Site page is pretty stupid.  (I had to do it for class and have not had time to update it) but if you are TOTALLY bored, it may be a little interesting to you.

    You can also see our kids that are no longer with us on their "In Remembrance" pages.  We lost Cuddles Ann after she had a long and happy life and Gretchen Maxine had osteosarcoma and lived almost 2 1/2 years before she lost the fight. Samantha "Mammers" Marie lived a long and happy life before her body just got too old to keep going. We  lost Maximilian "Punkin Head" after a short battle with hemangiosarcoma, in May 2003, we lost Emma Jean December 2004 after a seizure and a trip to the emergency room and we just lost our Sara "Sweet Pea" Elizabeth very quickly in March 2006 to malignant histiocytosis.

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