In Remembrance of

Sara "Sweet Pea" Elizabeth

February 26, 2000 to March 6, 2006

Sara was the guardian of all. She watched over all and made sure everyone did the right thing all the time. With just a look to the other kids, they would straighten up. She was the queen of or household and did a great job doing it. She loved to ride the golf cart so she could see all the other kids and keep an eye on them. She will be greatly missed by all who met her. You can see by the photos below that she loved to dress up with scarves and other apparel. 

Sara started to not eat her breakfast about a month before she got sick. I did not think it was anything to worry about. Little did I know. She was acting fine other than that. About 2 weeks before we lost her, she threw up and that is when I took her into the vet. Blood tests were done without really showing anything. A few days later after not getting any better, more blood tests were performed testing for other things with nothing really showing up. After a trip to specialist vet for an ultra did we find out she was really sick. Sara was diagnosed with malignant histiocytosis, which is a rare and very aggressive cancer. We lost her just 2 days after we finally found out was wrong. I have to thank Dr. Michele Sauerbrey, DVM at Animal Cancer & Imaging Center in Canton, MI for the great care she gave Sara on our only visit.

We got Sara from Wernerhafen Rottweilers in Indiana.

This photo was taken after Sara's birthday party, a week before we lost her. Her party was at Fairfax Manor, an Alzheimer's home, where Sara loved her Pet Therapy job. We gave everyone the leis to wear and Sara loved hers.

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