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Pet related

Welcome to The Pet Resort!
This is where Jacob loves to to to Doggy Day Care.
Specialist Veterinarians that really care! (Dr. Obradovich was Gretchen's & Max's oncologist) 
Specialist Veterinarians that really care! 
8232.jpg (13686 bytes) Warm Fuzzy's Large ferak cat colony project
Specializes in health care products and supplies for pets and small animals 
Drs. Foster & Smith - Pet Supplies & Pet Products Selected by Veterinarians Products and info for your pet selected by veterinarians 

Dr. Charles Loops, DVM

Homeopathic Veterinarian
"Homeopathy is one of the rare medical approaches which 
carries no penalties - only benefits."  Yehudi Menuhin, violinist - An online pet health food store specializing in natural healing and holistic pet and people products. All Natural & Holistic Pet Products
             Where natural, holistic healing begins...
                  ... from the inside OUT!

 Hummingbird Farm

A Center for Interspecies Communication

Opening My Wings to Fly: What Animals Have Taught Me

By Tera Thomas

Natural Holistic Health Care
Sandy Hills Farm and Saddlery Registered Quarter Horses
Wernerhafen Rottweilers This is where we got Sara

Health related

Rosanne Emanuele, M.Ac Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine - We take vitamins seriously.

On-line Shopping

Comparison Shopping, Price Comparison, Shopping Online Helpful if you know what you want to buy and want to find a good price
Great place to buy computer parts
Barnes & -
Gateway Good quality computers 
 HOME - luggage, handbags, backpacks, bags and travel accessories

Miscellaneous Sites

Gentle Ministries A gathering place for Christians who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (my brothers web site) 
Dogpile Search. Good Dog. Great Results. Search Site
Google Search Site
Search Site

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